Eng: analisi del voto

Let’s analyse the results of the polls we had Sunday and Monday in Italy, looking at the official data. 

BERLUSCONI: he won and ha had to, considering the disastrous fall of the previous leftwing government. His victory is convincing (but his new party (PDL) took less than the sum of the votes of FI+AN, the previous ones), and this means that once again Italians trusted him. It’s the third time: no one usually has so many chances to prove something. Berlusconi’s already wasted two: now either he becomes a real statesman and remove from himself the tag of showman he earned with years of gaffes and jokes; or, he will be remembered as the man who had the widest majorities and the strongest government in the recent history and could not do anything good (for Italy; he did for himself).

BOSSI: he won, and more than Berlusconi. The “North league” (north territorial party) has grown a lot, intercepting votes coming from all directions. It will have a prominent position in the next government, and we hope that this won’t be a brake for Italy’s development.

VELTRONI: he tried to make up for the situation, although it was desperate. It must be acknowledged that he carried on a different campaign from those to wich we are accustomed, and he suggested a new climate. He should’have had more time.

DI PIETRO: similar situation to the North League: “Italy of the values” sought votes of protest, and it could paradoxically go to occupy the area to the left of PD, pursuing more radical policies.

BERTINOTTI: he and many others sunk in a riddle no one can solve: where have more than two millions votes gone? For the first time in history the radical left will not be represented in Parliament. They should rebuild a new project immediately, with new people.

CASINI: he managed to survive, squeezed between the two main parties, retaining seats in both Houses.

SANTANCHE’: also the extreme right is out of the Parliament, hit by the tsunami that has struck the smaller parties.

POLL-MAKERS: they all lost, you may say, because the exit polls were completely wrong at the beginning.

GRILLO: no great abstentions (only -4%). That’s it, in democracy the fights are made by voting, and not by insulting and shouting against everyone.


Finally,  a brief look at reactions by international press:

New York Times (USA)

The Times (UK)

Financial Times (UK)

LeMonde (France)

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