I’m sorry but this blog is written only in italian because it would be too difficult for me to keep an english version up to date. I used Google automatic translation for some posts, but it is not so good; I’d like to translate myself some posts, and i’ll try to. Some day I will have a blog exclusively in English (I’m thinking about a bridge-blog).

You can find posts translated in English here (choose one and then click “English version”)!

 Feel free to comment on everything and leave a feedback, also in English! Thank you!


Here are some informtion about me and the blog: I’m a 19 years old student, I like (almost) every kind of technology, I’m interested in world news, politics; and internet of course, which i think is a very important part of modern society. This blog will focus mainly on these topics.

I began to blog an evening, after (too) long thoughts on it.

I write every single post on a MacBook 2.2ghz, 120GB, 2GB ram.


GeekCode>GCS/J d- s-:- a— C+ U?> P? L>+ E? W++>+++ N? o? K- !w—> O?>+  M+>++ V? PS+@ PE- Y– PGP- t 5? X R>+ tv+ b+>+++ Dl D? G e>++++ h@ r++ y



Una risposta a English

  1. Sheree ha detto:

    Hey! A friend of mine Michele told me to look at your site some time ago, and now I finally have time to have a look!!
    So I’ll have a read and comment if something interests me.
    You seem to write on some interesting topics, so I look forward to it!!
    ciao =)


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