Una vera violazione della privacy

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In Cile un hacker ha messo su Internet i dati personali di 6 milioni di persone. Diffusi nomi, indirizzi, numeri di telefono, indirizzi email, numeri di carta d’identità…

Info su El Pais, Herald Tribune

[via Stefano Quintarelli]

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6 risposte a Una vera violazione della privacy

  1. savomacario ha detto:

    Verrebbe da fare un paragone tra chi lo fa in Cile sotto il nome di “Anonymous Coward” e chi lo fa in Italia…

  2. Sheree ha detto:

    Perhaps this sort of thing was necessary to show that personal data is not well protected in Chile…
    Considering no bank details or other economic aspects were included in the files, this seemingly harmless case may alert the government to improve the protection of such information.

  3. batta ha detto:

    This could be right Sheree, but I don’t think the hacker was lead by such a noble purpose! Consider that he called himself “Anonymous Coward”! 🙂

    Thank you very much for your comment!

  4. Sheree ha detto:

    Well considering the type of information on the files why else would he have done it?
    From what I’ve heard the information wasn’t that personal, as in, it was phone numbers, addresses, id numbers and academic records which is often readily available by other means.
    So if not for that aforementioned reason, why else did he do it?

  5. savomacario ha detto:

    I suppose this attack should warn the government they have to be on the look-out from now on…
    Still I have to agree with Batta, I think he did it only for his pleasure, nothing more than a “I-can-do-everything-I-want-and-you-can’t-stop-me” reason.

  6. Sheree ha detto:

    Yes, there is no doubt that he would have done it for his own egotistic motives yet by doing so he has raised awareness on this issue in Chile.
    I also agree that the idea of “I-can-do-everything-I-want-and-you-can’t-stop-me” is probably the main attitude of most hackers these days.


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